Right behavior is the philosophical concept of doing what you believe is right. It’s a simple concept, but in practice is incredibly complex as individual beliefs clash and individuals are forced to compromise, to modify their beliefs and behaviors in the interest of harmonious coexistence. The focus of this site is to help people develop their personal philosophies with mindful intention.

The concept behind my blog has its origins in a comment a friend of mine made years ago. It boils down to this: that a lot of good fiction (especially speculative fiction/sci-fi/fantasy) is essentially philosophy repackaged in a “what-if” context so instead of reading theory in a vacuum you see the philosophy in action. Those authors typically have a good understanding of the underpinning concepts, often due to having read them in said vacuum and given them extensive thought, and so can restate them in ways more accessible to people who haven’t formally studied philosophy.

That’s basically what I’m trying to do here: putting ethics in contexts which people can easily relate to in order to help them develop their own codes and grow as intentional, integrated personalities. Instead of fictional settings, however, I use parables and current events.

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-Tyro Kathar