Beauty is the Beast: Awakening the Theatre Animal through the Art of Pain

Bear is the anti – Prima Donna. Immensely talented, incredibly strong willed with skills and training which could easily have led to a more conventional life of professional opera, she chose to be a sideshow performer. The world is richer for her choice.

TW for some body horror, both descriptions and pictures.

F*cking Woman Up And Grow One

Capture Lon Chaney, Josephine Baker, Klaus Nomi, Charlie Chaplin, Michael Crawford, Puddles Pity Party, Theda Bara, Stefan Karl Stefansson, and Fanny Brice; as physical, visual performers go, these are biggest influences. Throw them in a blender, and you’ll arguably get what & how I present myself onstage. (But please don’t actually throw them in a blender.)

(CW:  Discussion & description, and pictures, of painful sideshow feats, including ones that pierce the skin. employ care & caution)

3 years ago this week, I found myself – 31, clumsy, and shy – behind the Stables Stage at Georgetown Carnival.  Still new to northwest, The Czar was the only person I then knew with any intimacy.   But there I was surrounded by tall, foreboding men with oddly cut and styled hair, kohl smudged eyes, skull-encrusted hats, spike-studded spray painted denim, and torn fishnet.  They were so cool.  And i was nobody

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