Hello world! (because I like WordPress’s default title)

One of my partners wrote a short piece showing plainly what it’s like to have your health betray you at a relatively young age. Please respect young people with disabilities, especially invisible ones. We have enough on our plates without your judgement.

mx flick

Hey. My name is Felix. I’m twenty-one years old and I made this blog a few months back in a moment of trying to force myself to do something productive. I used to be fairly active in the writing community. I did poetry. About three years ago, my bipolar disorder went into full-blown temper tantrum mode and threw non-stop episodes at me. I wouldn’t hesitate to say these were some of the worst in my life. Suffice to say, writing took a back seat during this time. Then, during a hospitalization in early January, I eventually managed to level myself out. My lithium had finally taken effect and reached a therapeutic dose, and the hospital I was at actually gave enough of a damn to try to teach us all some coping mechanisms.

During my last hospitalization, I started getting a nagging back pain. At first, I could deal with…

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