Legalising Drugs: Stop the War on Drugs

In contrast to my last reblog, this is an example of a taboo causing harm. Drug *abuse* should remain stigmatized, though it should lose its association with criminality; responsible drug use, on the other hand, should *not* carry stigma and should in fact be encouraged in cases where the drugs have medicinal value and an overall positive effect on a person’s life.

Allallt in discussion

During prohibition, alcoholism rates tripled. That’s how good making thing illegal is at stopping people from doing them. For every person that abused alcohol before prohibition, there came three. That is the opposite of what such a law is for. Evidence suggests abuse levels are lower where the drugs are legal (I’m still thinking prohibition, but also Holland), so people are healthier and more productive. And, as I mentioned in an earlier post, drugs being illegal is precisely what empowers the deals. But, is there a moral angle to view this issue from? Yes.

“My right to swing my arm ends at your nose” (I’m on the same bus, no internet, I can’t source the quote). That’s a metaphor for the basic moral principle that is “I can’t do what I want until I start infringing on the rights of others” or “I have liberties, but I also have the…

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