My Philosophy: Right Behavior

“Right behavior” is a slippery term because its meaning is entirely subjective. In essence, it means acting in accordance with what you believe is right. The implications, however, are myriad and profound: any society, being made up of individuals, is out of necessity based on compromise between contradictory beliefs held by its members. A functional personal philosophy must therefore be flexible. Too much flexibility, however, can weaken a belief system to the point of irrelevance. A balance must be held between what a society says is right and what individual members or minority groups within said society believe.

Example: Society’s view of appropriate behavior is at best a general guideline, unsuitable for standalone use. One should instead use it as a baseline, modifying behavior as necessary for various situations: If I’m at a sex club, I’m not going to follow the same unspoken rules as I would in public. This works both ways: some standard rules don’t apply (nudity taboo), some are modified (appropriate level of affection shown in a public space), and some rules are location-specific, not applying to public life but important to follow in certain special circumstances (don’t talk to someone’s slave without first obtaining their permission).

Small acts of kindness and love

Learning these rules is an ongoing effort which we all engage in whether or not we’re aware of doing so. Gaining awareness of this effort is a useful step towards the self-awareness necessary if one wishes to live a deliberate, reasoned existence in line with a personal philosophy.


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